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7 Useful Tips ToPrepare Your Boat For Shipping

If you are moving to another state of Australia and have a boat among your belongings, you are obviously perturbed with questions like will it be transported safely by your shipping company, won’t your precious possession be damaged during transport and will it ultimately reach you in a safe and sound state at your new destination.

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Understand that once loaded on the truck, your boat will be moving at highway speeds of 80km to 100km and there would be head or cross winds more than 30 to 50 Kph leading to winds over the deck which may go beyond 130 to 150 Kph.

The vessel itself is fine for such conditions, but accessories like mast rigging, canvas, electronics etc are unable to withstand the elements.

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Before you do anything else, equip yourself with 4 to 6 rolls of grey duct tape as this will prove to your best investment.

And now here are tips on how to prepare your boat for shipping so that you can have a great peace of mind that it will remain safe in the transport.

1. Mast

  • As far as possible, remove all stays, shrouds, external halyards and spreaders and mark them. Next pack them inside the boat. Keep in mind to duct tape all turnbuckles and they won’t come undone.
  • Take away wind instruments, antennas, mast headings etc. as they cannot withstand the wind or any shakes in a horizontal position.
  • Make a single coil of wire rigging and mark. Store in the boat.
  • For masts loaded on top, you will have to give timber supports to prevent pulpits from bending.
  • For masts loaded under boat, spreaders, stays etc should be removed.

2. Painted Masts

  • These should be given special attention as they are very vulnerable to chaffing damage.
  • Wrap them in at least two layers of bubble wrap or carpet or rug with the nap to the mast.
  • Take care not to leave any item between the mast and the wrapping (wires, shrouds, etc). Vibration can lead to chaffing damage even through padding.
  • Roller furling systems are best kept on the mast to stop kinking.

3. A Useful Tip

Here’s a useful tip shared by Marine and Auto Depot which are experts incar and boat transport Sydney: while using duct tape, let the first wrap be tight with its sticky side up i.e. away from the mast. Next make two wraps with the sticky side towards each other. This will stop the glue from pulling paint or varnish off the mast and eliminate the need of cleaning of adhesive from the mast.

4. Canvas and Dodgers

  • Remove canvas and dodger bows as well as other outside canvas and store below.
  • Dinghies, Outboard Motors and Ribs
  • Take away outboard motors and store inside.
  • Remove dinghies from the cabin tops or davits and carry on the top deck of the trailer if you can.
  • Deflate ribs and store inside.

5. Personal Effects

Remember that any items inside your boat are considered as extra baggage and the carrier doesn’t know about them. Thus any personal effects, electronic goods or other items are not insured.

Image Courtesy: marineautodepot.com.au

6. Cradle

  • Cradle should fit in the contour of the hull precisely and should be in good shape.
  • The boat should be well secured in the cradle.
  • For damage caused by the cradle, carrier is not responsible.

7. Miscellaneous

  • Tidy away the interior of the boat well. If drawers use to open, tape them shut. Never leave anything loose in the interior.
  • Lock and secure all windows, ports, hatches and the companionway.
  • Lock the cabin but give keys to the truck driver. While crossing state borders, the boat may have to undergo quarantine inspection.
  • Cover all open screw holes with a tape.
  • Detach the batteries and tie cables off to prevent contact.

Thus if you prepare your boat for shipping, you can rest assured that it will reach your new destination in a top shape.

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