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A Quick Shopping Guide for Quality Motorcycle Covers


Your motorbike is an important part of your life; whether you are a superbike enthusiast or you just use it for commute it is important to give it the best care possible.  If you don’t have enough space in your garage you might be forced to park your bike outdoors. This means your motorbike is exposed to inclement weather which will damage the gleaming bodywork.

Such weather can even ruin some of your bike’s engine parts and it is important to invest in high quality motorcycle covers from a premium brand. These covers also protect against the effects of UV radiation, physical damage and theft. In combination with a lock a motorcycle cover provides ultimate protection for your bike.

While there are many bike covers in the market most of them are poor quality and they might end up running your precious investment.  Shopping of the right cover is not easy but this guide will help you get it right.

Here are some factors to consider:

  1. Indoor or Outdoor Storage?

You need to consider where your bike is being stored and the length of time for that matter. For outdoor parking you need a water and UV radiation resistant materials. Before shopping confirm the outdoor cover is breathable to avoid mold growth and water buildup. For indoor long-term storage, go for a dust repellant fabric to maintain your motorcycle in perfect condition.

  1. Features

Bike covers from carcoveruniverse.com come with versatile features to make them more functional. Some of these features include ventilation, straps, and waterproofing and chain lock slots. These covers are optimized to guaranteed high performance and protect your bike from weather elements.

  1. Quality of the Fabric

This is a major consideration when shopping for motorcycle covers.  Always go for water repellant and breathable polyester which guarantees enhanced protection for your bike.  There are lightweight materials which are portable and these are the best especially when you are on the road.

  1. Size

Before ordering the bike cover ensure measure the width, length and height of you bike. Make sure you consider the entire width of the handle bars and the tallest point of your bike to guarantee delivery of the right-sized product.

  1. The Brand

More shoppers are in a hurry when buying motorbike covers and this is a mistake they come to regret. It is important to consider the reputation of the company you are buying from to avoid regretting your choice. It is advisable to shop from a company with a strong track record in the industry. More importantly read revise and testimonials online because these will help you assess the performance of the specific product.

Investing in a motorcycle cover from carcoveruniverse.com goes a long way in enhancing your riding experience. It guarantees that your bike’s body work and engine are in mint condition.  You will not have to worry about high maintenance costs after a storm and the cover will thwart thieves who might want to steal your precious ride.

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