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Diagnosing the Causes of Unusual Tyre Wear

Since most drivers do not check their tyres on a regular basis, the treads can easily wear down to the point that they become hazardous. The grooves that are needed to provide traction grow increasingly shallow and in some cases, the tyre becomes bald in places.

Wheel misalignment or an issue with the car’s suspension system often causes premature tyre wear. However, understanding how the different wear patterns look and feel will help you to narrow the underlying cause down and get the problem fixed.


Feathering is where the treads on one side have a rounded edge while the treads on the other side of the tire are pointed. This type of wear is hard to see. It is easier to feel it with your hands. Feathering is suggestive of a toe misalignment issue.

One sided wear

Excessive wear on one side of a tyre is usually caused by a camber misalignment. This is when the wheel leans inwards or outwards too far. Extra pressure and weight is put on that portion of the tread, which is why that one side wears more quickly.


You may also see cupping on one side of a tire, which sometimes means that there is a problem with your car’s suspension system. Usually it is the struts and shocks that are the problem, nevertheless it could be another part of the suspension system ego the ball joints.

Over or under inflation

Premature wear might also occur in the centre of the tyre, which is mostly caused by too much air pressure in the tire i.e over inflation. Wear on each side of the tyre is usually caused by under inflation.

Regular servicing helps

As you can see, regular servicing can help to reduce tyre wear. A good car servicer will pick up many of the issues that cause premature tyre wear. For car servicing Bristol residents are spoilt for choice, which means they do not have to pay a high price. Certainly less than it would cost to replace a set of tyres.

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