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Few Questions to Be Asked Before Agreeing to Buy a New Car

Car is one of the most important possession that all of us need in today. However, when you decide to buy a new car or Mercedes Benz van, then you need to have right budget for that. Quite often salesmen in a car showroom may increase the sales pitch so much that you may be ready to sign on the dotted line without realizing what is going to follow next.

Therefore, it is necessary that you must ask few good questions to salesmen and verify yourself the answer that he gives and then close the deal. What are those few questions? Let us read further to find them.

  1. What are other expenses that I need to bear in addition to the cost of the car?

Till now during the discussion with the salesman, you have been negotiating about the basic cost of the car. In order to get real possession of the vehicle, there are few other additional expenses also that you need to consider. Some are of course legitimate expenses while some of them are questionable. The legitimate costs are sales tax, registry, insurance charges.  Besides that, dealers often include few additional fees in order to increase their profits that you need to question.

  1. How much will be my documentation fee?

Every car dealer charges certain amount as documentation charges, but the point is, it is not uniform everywhere. There is no proper state regulation on this matter and some of the dealer may charge pretty high amount on documentation fee. If your salesman has agreed for higher discount then rest assured that he will take it back in documentation fee. Therefore, find out this amount and bring it down to some acceptable level. If salesman doesn’t agree then quit.

  1. What are various add on accessories?

Dealers often try to increase the profit by adding few unnecessary accessories. You must decide these add on items of your own.

  1. How many miles has it driven?

Particularly if you are online shopper then you must ask the reading of odometer. It should be less than 10 miles. If it indicates more than 300 miles then you must negotiate for a lower price.

  1. Can you deliver the car?

This is again for online shopper. If everything else looks good then ask the dealer if he can deliver at your location. In such case, the representative of dealer will come with the contract and not make any sales pitch. If you want something extra to be added in the contract then you can ask for it.

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