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Have a PCO Licence? Hire Your Uber-Ready Car and Get Started

If you’ve thought about offering private transport service but haven’t learned all the details, you’d be wise to take some time to become more knowledgeable about what is required. A company such as Uber, for example, has vehicle requirements that your car must meet before you can begin to offer service. The basic standards include having a four-door car of a certain age. To offer services at other levels, the standards are a bit stricter. What this means for you is that you must keep your own vehicle maintained to meet those standards.

Of course, you must also hold a PCO licence, so called because the original agency name was Public Carriage Office (a department of the Transport for London office). This licence is necessary if you want to work as a mini-cab service or as a chauffeur in London. If you haven’t obtained your licence, be advised that it can take several weeks for the government office to grant this licence and allow you to start offering private transport service.

Your Car?

Suppose that you’ve received your PCO licence but the car that you own at this time doesn’t meet the standards set by Uber. Do you just have to wait until you can make the necessary repairs or upgrades to bring the vehicle up to requirements? Not if you work with a company offering PCO car hire services in London. You can hire a car that is PCO-approved for this industry and is what might be called “Uber ready.” When you arrange for your car through a dependable provider such as this, you’ll be fully insured and will be safe, thanks to safety cameras in each vehicle.

Contract details vary but you can generally choose a weekly contract, arrange to hire your car a month at a time, or get a more attractive rate when you sign on for three months. Other benefits include breakdown cover, which will give you the peace of mind that you need when your income depends on a reliable vehicle. This reliable source for safe, insured, well-maintained vehicles allows you to take the opportunity to earn a living even when your personal car is not up the task. Of course, this is also a great alternative to using your own car for work purposes. It’s an option that other drivers choose.


When you make the effort to provide dependable transport service in the city, you won’t feel as if you’re alone. The car provider not only arranges for you to hire a good vehicle; members of the staff are there to support you. When you feel that you have enough information to pursue your PCO licence or if you hold that licence but need a reliable car to get started, you should call and talk to a representative about the payment and hire details.

You will be asked to make a deposit, which will be refunded when you return the car unless there is a fault claim or visible damage. Leading suppliers of Uber-ready vehicles generally maintain their own garages so mechanical issues can be addressed quickly and efficiently.

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