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How to wash car covers

Washing the cover of your car, which keeps your car protected from all the dust and bird droppings, at a regular interval, is important in order to keep it in the best condition. Washing the cover of your car is not a very difficult thing; all it needs is some time. However, before you start with the process, you should be aware about the material of your car cover, because different materials needs different types of care and unless they are treated in the way they should be it might be damaging or ineffective. If you are using a waterproof car cover follow the next steps to clean it.

Spot cleaning

If the cover has some spots at some particular places, like in the wheel area or on the bonnet, you might opt for spot cleaning, which is effective and less time consuming. To start with, install the car cover on a clean and dry car and then rub the areas of the spot with a mild soap and water solution. It is best suggested to not to use the soap directly onto the cover, rather to mix the soap in some water and perform the cleaning with the soapy water. Once you have completed rubbing the spot, wash off with adequate water and let the car cover get dry naturally. If you want to clean some spots on the other side of the cover, you can do that just by installing the cover inside-out on the car; but only after the previously washed side has dried out completely.  If your car cover has an inner fleece lining in that case also cleaning the cover after installing it on the car can be the best option.

 thorough wash

A thorough wash of your car cover might be necessary at times in order to make it completely clean. In such cases using a washing machine of at least 15ltr capacity is best suggested. Half fill the washing machine bucket with water and add a mild soap to it. Now soak the cover in the soapy water for 15-20 minutes and then start the washing cycle. To clean the cover perfectly you might need to go through more than one wash cycle. Finally clean off the soap with sufficient water and let the cover dry in air for at least 6 hours. The high quality customized car covers come with care instructions, and in such cases follow the instructions minutely while washing the cover.

Author Bio: The writer of this blog is a car collector with over 30 masterpieces in his collection. He understands the importance of taking the best care of the car covers and you can actually take his words for it.

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