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Important Signs of a Dying Motorbike Battery

There are several key factors that can cause a motorbike battery to fail at a crucial moment. These range from neglect to extreme weather and age. If you pressed your starter button only to hear little more than a clicking sound without any action, you likely have a battery problem.


Motorists across the UK worry about this problem during the colder months of the year, as the weather can severely affect the battery of a motorbike. If you recently experienced a severe storm, you need to check your battery’s integrity immediately and before use. You never want to be somewhere dangerous when you experience a sudden failure. To protect yourself and anyone riding with you, you need to know the signs of a failing battery.

Look at the Facts

Before you reach for your jumper cables, check your motorbike for any mechanical or electrical problems that may masquerade as a failing battery. Some of these problems are simple fixes while others can be costly and take a while to repair. In this case, you might find yourself hoping it is little more than a battery. A reputable motorbike battery supplier will help you find the battery you need and get back on the road in top shape as quickly as possible.

If you notice your kickstand is up but your bike will not fire, it may be the switch that is faulty. Pay attention also to your headlights and horn volume. If they are dim and soft respectively, you are likely dealing with a dead or failing battery. If they are still bright and loud as usual, you likely have another issue to worry about.

Tell-Tale Signs

If you noticed recently that your lights began to lose their brightness or stopped working altogether, you may have a battery problem. These signs are often accompanied by little or even no response when you push the starter button. The most you will hear is a soft clicking sound and perhaps the engine attempting to turn over. If your battery is completely dead, the biggest clue is dead silence.


Getting to It

Some motorbikes require few or no tools to access their batteries, but others require a set of professional tools to get the job done. Whatever the case may be, be sure to consult your owner’s manual for important information and instructions. Do not allow pride to cause you to ignore this crucial tool and make a costly mistake. If you have no access to your manual, try looking under the seat first, as this is the battery’s likely location.

For Your Safety

If you are inexperienced with motorbike batteries, remember that is it never safe to touch conductive materials to the positive (red) terminal of your battery and any metal part of your bike. You will immediately fry your battery and possibly yourself as well. If you are unsure of your abilities and worry for your safety, have a professional do the removal and replacement. Remember to seek out reputable suppliers for the best batteries on the market for the best prices. It is better to buy your battery this way than to get it from the person working on your bike.

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