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Know About The Features Of Different Types Of Rv Covers

Covers for the recreational vehicles are a must to protect from dust, dirt, rain, heat, snow and storm. When the rv is parked inside the garages for a long time there are chances of dirt getting stuck to the body of the vehicle. Rv covers helps in maintaining the newness of the vehicle and is a great protection even when the vehicle is taken on long drives.

The covers for rv can be classified as

  • Fabric barriers
  • Carports
  • Poll barns

The easiest to purchase and install is the fabric barriers. Carports come in kit forms and can be assembled in few days of time. The poll barns are the most difficult to build and requires the professional help.

Fabric barriers

The most popular form of covers is made of the fabric. These come in different sizes and are made to fit the vehicle of particular models. So, one can pick the fabric covers by simply measuring the dimensions of their rv.  Such covers come in sizes of A,B,C and are used for covering the vehicle while parked outside. The covers have specifically designed doors and windows which help in easy entry and also allow air circulation. Protection against sun, wind, rain and dust is guaranteed by such covers. The damage caused by sun can be reduced as the fabric helps in controlling the temperature. So, the interiors of the rv are always cool.


They are also known as the canopy tarps. They give a complete and permanent protection to the rv when it is parked inside the house. The materials often used are the canvas, steel and even plastic. They are alighted on top of the posts made of some heavy metal. Though they can be priced a little higher over the fabric covers, such covers are much more durable. The rv is parked under the cover and so provides easy entry into the vehicle without having to remove the rv covers.

Poll barn

The most expensive rv covers is the poll barns as the cost of installing and materials may be quite expensive. These are fully enclosed cover that looks similar to that of the shed. They offer the most secure form of vehicle protection. Concrete slabs are mostly used for poll barns. Some also make use of the galvanised steel and keep a sliding door for convenience.

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