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Navigating Heavy Traffic with Safety Mercedes-Benz Features

Beating the morning and afternoon traffic can be quite challenging, especially on urban roads.  But by using state-of-the-art technologies and safety systems, your used Mercedes-Benz can make the journey more enjoyable and relaxing. Here’s what to expect from the new features built in Mercedes-Benz models.

Boosting Engine Function

No matter which busy streets you are driving, getting to your destination fast requires that your car can efficiently and safely navigate the traffic. Mercedes-Benz engines provide excellent performance for stop-and-go driving. Its high-performance AC and cooling systems can keep both the engine and passengers comfortable no matter the outside temperature. The vehicle boasts features such as aluminum blocks and pistons, turbocharging and start technology that ensure fuel economy. They make driving in heavy traffic more efficient and less costly.

Preventing Collision

Rear-end collision is quite common. This takes place as a vehicle in front of the driver stops without warning. Also, it can occur if the driver hasn’t seen the vehicle ahead due to a distraction. In order to prevent these accidents, Mercedes-Benz provides a feature to prevent collisions that make use of radio-frequency and optical sensors for monitoring traffic in front of the vehicle. The feature has the ability to detect an obstacle and identify if a collision is impending. The system increases brake power and alerts the driver. With this system, the driver can stop the car right away and avoids accidents.

Controlling Stability

While driving in heavy traffic, the vehicle must be kept under control to ensure the safety of the people inside it. Mercedes-Benz has an electronic stability program in most models which uses sensors and computers to adjust the engine’s power and the braking forces at every wheel for the stability of the vehicle. This program can prevent the wheel from spinning on icy or wet roads and correct over-steering or under-steering issues.

Assisting with Blind Spots

The majority of vehicles, including Mercedes SUV, come with blind spots between the side and rear view mirrors and body components like rear pillars can make the spots worse. Although it is not possible to eliminate blind spots, Mercedes’ Blind Spot Assist feature reduces the impact of these spots on safety. The system makes use of a network of sensors for detecting vehicles situated in the driver’s blind spot while changing lanes and turning.

Assisting with Parking

Parking on busy streets can be quite difficult. That is why Mercedes-Benz comes up with a parking system which monitors the vehicle while the driver maneuvers into tight parking spaces. The system warns the driver if he gets too close other objects or vehicles.

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