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The Hidden Gems in Your House

Your house is a goldmine. If you have gold jewellery you no longer want, your house is close to literally a goldmine. In most senses, though, your house is full of valuable materials you might not even be aware of. Obviously, jewellery made of precious metals and stones is going to be of some value; however, there are other very valuable items in your house that are not as flashy. Your washing machine, for example, could get you a decent amount of money. A junk car, your old chairs, and the busted toaster could be worth money as well. All of these things are made of metal, and scrap metal has value.

Scrap Metal Value

Metals are useful for making thousands of different kinds of items. Metal is particularly useful since most metals are made from one or two elements, which makes it very difficult for them to decompose or degrade. Iron might rust, but it is very difficult to actually degrade iron. All you need to do is sand away the rust, and the iron is still functional. Also, metal can be melted down and reconstituted into thousands of different items. Aluminium soda cans are routinely melted down into liquid and formed into sheets of aluminium that can then be beaten and shaped into any item. Overall, metal has value since it is infinitely reusable. This is where scrap metal factors in.

Scrap metal is metal that is sourced from other items, so a washing machine that no longer works can be resold as scrap metal. Since scrap metal has value, you don’t have to worry about the appliance no longer working. When you sell a broken washing machine, you’re not selling a washing machine. Instead, you’re selling that weight in constituent metals. Furthermore, there are some metals that are more expensive than others. Copper is a good example. Scrap copper prices in Perth fluctuate, but they tend to stay pretty high.

Copper Prices

Copper is considered to be ductile, which means it can be drawn into a wire. It is also incredibly conductive, meaning it carries an electrical charge with minimal loss of charge. Those two factors make it perfect for creating copper wiring. However, copper is not as readily available as other materials that are not as ductile or conductive. Therefore, copper tends to be a fairly expensive metal. As such, you can make a lot of money on copper. If you are remodelling your house and renewing the wiring, don’t let the electrician take the wiring from your house.

That is your wiring, and you own it. You should ask the electrician to leave the old wires behind so you can take them to a scrap yard and sell them for a decent amount of money. Your air conditioner also likely contains dozens of metres of copper wiring in the coil. There is some copper wiring in the solenoid and in the starter on your car. These are just a few of the places you can find copper.

If you have items you don’t need, you could try and make money off of them.

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