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Tips for Selecting a Car Dealership in the Indianapolis Area

Indianapolis is famous for the Indy 500 and has developed a car loving culture. Testing driving and researching cars can be lots of fun. What can make it less fun is the personality of the car dealership. Here are some questions and tips for finding a car dealer that fits your style.


First off, think about how serious you are about buying a car. Most car sales persons work on commission so be aware that time is literally money for a person on commission. Do your research and know what types of cars you want to test drive before stopping at a dealership. For example, Ford has a “build and price” section on their website that lets you choose colors, models, trim levels and additional options for your dream new car. This is a great tool to use before going to a dealership.

Research car dealers Indianapolis to find convenient locations and learn about the history of the dealerships. Word of mouth recommendations help and remember to check the Better Business Bureau and J.D. Power to learn more about an individual company’s record.

Check prices and determine if a certain company has a habit of adding “dealer installed options” on most, if not all, of their existing inventory. Even in the same area, prices can vary especially if a location always adds options that increase the base price. Most car manufacturers have set levels of trim for each vehicle model so check the manufacturer’s websites to understand those levels. Know what you are looking for and how much it should cost.

Look at inventory levels and the overall appearance of the facility. Does the dealer keep a lot of cars on the lot? How many cars are on the lot in the model you want to test drive? Is the facility clean, neat and in good repair?

Pay attention to the additional services or perks offered by a dealership. These can vary a lot. Some dealerships in the Indianapolis area include complementary oil changes, car washes, loaner cars, drop off/pick up services, and other “nice to have” perks.

Personality or style of the dealership is harder to quantify. Look at how quickly you are approached when you walk onto the lot or into the showroom. This varies greatly and depends on the tone set by the car dealership’s management. Do you like persistent or laid back sales people? It can be just as unpleasant to work with a laid back sales person that you need to chase down as it can be to work with the energetic person who bounces as soon as you take a step.

Car dealers Indianapolis and in the surrounding area are many and you can find one with the cars you want and that has the style, prices and perks that will work for you.

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