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Weight RelationshipBetween Caravans AndTow Vehicles – An Extremely Important Factor To Consider

Caravans demand your space, time and a huge sum, but reward you in return with long adventuring vacations every year. But an extremely important point to consider is the weight relationship between the caravan and tow vehicle, for secure towing.

To stay away from the “tail wagging the dog”, it’s essential that the tow vehicle is at least as heavy as the caravan to be towed. If it isn’t, it’s unlikely that the tow vehicle can control a caravan if it becomes unstable when affected by external factors like heavy cornering, a cross wind, slippery or uneven road surfaces or heavy braking.

Ideal Weight Safety Margin

There are some differences of opinions (and legislation in Germany) with regard to the ideal weight safety margin between caravan and tow vehicle.

Conventionally the weight of the tow vehicle should be at least equal to that of the caravan to be towed. This means that there should be 1-to-1 ratio between the van weight and tow vehicle weight.

The UK has the “85% rule”. It is not legislated, but it’s recommended by the Camping and Caravanning Club of the UK and other UK authorities. It’s stated by this recommendation that the weight of the towed loaded caravan must not be more than 85% of the kerb weight of the car.

However, as per the Camping and Caravanning Club of the UK, ‘people experienced at towing may have up to 100% of the kerb weight of the car; however, no one must tow a caravan that is weightier than the towing limit of the vehicle in its front.

In Germany, caravans having hydraulic shock absorbers and brakes may not (by law) go beyond 0.8 times the weight of an empty tow vehicle unless the tow vehicle doesn’t cross 80 kmph.

There is no law in Australia on weight safety margins; however, the Caravan Council of Australia recommends that “for extra security and peace of mind, the loaded tow vehicle must weigh 30% more than the loaded trailer/caravan”. This is same as saying that the caravan must not cross around 77% of the loaded weight of the tow vehicle.

NOTE: The above points relate to the weight relationship between caravans and tow vehicles. There are always laws in every country about maximum weights of caravans, tow vehicles and towing combinations.

From the above description, you may think that the Caravan Council of Australia is the most conservative of all the countries in enforcing a 77% safety margin. However, the fact is that since the recommendation of CCA are based on “loaded” weights of the tow vehicle and not the “unloaded” (or kerb) weights, they are actually the least conservative.

In such a condition, you can consider importing a caravan and get quarantine cleaning service from Dazmac Logistics, along with all other formalities.

It’s noteworthy that the maximum recommended (or legislated) caravan weight is considerably lower than the maximum towing capacities of each tow vehicle including Toyota Landcruiser, Range Rover Sport, Nissan Patrol, Mazda BT-50, Holden Colorado and others, which range between 3200 kg and 3500 kg.

Just as there are maximum speed limits for tyres set by their manufacturers, maximum towing abilities are mechanically resultant maximums, beyond which things begin to fall apart. They are not designed to be totally exploited by the typical user, and particularly not a novice user.

Which Caravans can be Safely Towed?

Some of the weightiest caravans in the world are manufactured by Australian manufacturers. The reasons for this were usually associated to poor Australian road conditions which have historically needed sturdy caravan construction techniques and materials.

This practice of building heavy caravans is making the Australian caravan market clash with ever lighter tow vehicles. So, you can consider importing a caravan from the UK and you can know all about it at https://www.dazmac.com.au/cars-caravan-motorhomes-shipping-from-the-UK-to-Australia.html.

So, consider the above weight recommendations and get the best suitable caravan for you.

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