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Your Simple Guide For Buying A Mercedes Benz SUV!

If you always wanted a car from Mercedes Benz but don’t want to settle for the old school sedans, a SUV might be an apt choice. The Mercedes Benz G – Class, which currently comprises of all the SUVs from the German brand, was launched way long back in 1979. The range is also known as G-Wagen, and while Mercedes did try to replace it with the GL-Class in 2006, the G Class is still in production. In fact, it is the longest produced range in Mercedes; only second to Unimog, and keeping the demand in mind, the G Class is not going anywhere anytime soon. The G Class covers the entire range of Mercedes SUV, including G, GLA, GLC, GLE and GLS.

Old vs. New

The Mercedes Benz G – Class is known for performance and style, and while the brand has produced newer variants every five years, the overall look and boxy appearance of its SUVs remain the same. Now, whether you should go for a new one or an old model depends on your budget. Of course, the newer variants will have more technology, which is an advantage you need to consider. On the flip side, older models are cheap. Luxury cars depreciate considerably in the first five years, but yes, cars from the Mercedes Benz G – Class between 2000 and 2008 will tend to cost more. Keep in mind that this is a car meant to serve you on the road, and therefore, you will do find with the older models too.

Finding a dealer

If you want to get a good deal on an older Mercedes SUV, you should check for the right dealership. There are quite a few, but do your homeowner before making a choice. The concerned dealer should have considerable inventory, and in case they don’t have a particular model in stock, they should be able to get it for you. While talking to a Mercedes Benz dealer, ask more details about their history, and if possible, do find details of the car in question. SUVs from Mercedes Benz are workhorses in the real sense, but to ensure the real value for your investment, you must go for a model that stands the test of time and isn’t too old either.

All Mercedes Benz G Class SUVs are hand assembled in Austria, and this is the car that you can gift your son two decades down the line. Buy one now!

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